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and introducing.. even more bangkok!

so we didnt end up going out for dinner on thursday night, just ate here instead. the food is soo good and soo cheap! i could just sit around and eat all day.

yesterday we got up and had nice cold showers. they are horrible at first, i just feel like screaming, but by the end they are quite nice, refreshing. then we read for a while and then walked down to khao san road. we.. i can't realy remember what we did there, probably just looked in shops and ate thai donuts oh and james bought a top i think or was that another day but i know that when we got back i had a nap. i'm just really relaxed ok?!

anyway, last night we ventured out to patpong night market, notorious home of the pingpong shows. we were offered lots of shows, with menus including p***y write letter, p***y cut banana and lots more. needless to say we kindly refused the invitations. the market itself wasn't that interesting, mostly fake designer stuff, james did buy some pirated dvds and I bought a nose stud, its green and pretty but it was cheap so i don't know how long it will last. i liked walking up and down the street with the "sexy girl bars" and peeking inside the open doors. mostly girls in bikinis gyrating, looking very bored, though i did spot a few ladyboys. we tried to find somewhere to eat but couldn't find somewhere we liked so decided to take a taxi back to khao san. this turned out to be harder than we thought. we stopped about 5 taxis, but maybe because it was patpong, or because we are such tourists, they wouldn't turn on their meters. instead they offered to take us for 200 or 250 baht. with a meter on it should be about 70 baht. so we argued with a couple and then bargained with a very nice tuk tuk driver who agreed to take us for 100. man those tuk tuks go fast! it was so much fun, but james did think we were going to die. so at the end of the trip he gave the driver an extra 40 baht in gratitude for us not dying.

we had a rather bland dinner on khao san (mental note not to go back to that resteraunt) and then i had some pineapple on a stick and james had banana pancake covered in condensed milk and chocolate. it was so good. and so gone in 20 seconds. I barganied for and a bought a green bracelet and a very pretty blue top. we spied the new indonesian lonely planet but wanted to make sure it was the one we needed. we walked to a tiny bar near our guesthouse and had a couple of beers while listening to a really good jazz cover band. i had to drag james away though because very unlike me, i was falling asleep.

this morning we slept in late and had a leisurely breakfast before walking to golden mountain. it is an artificial hill created by rama someone and finished by rama someone else (oh yeah i am so learning history here!) it has lots of steps up and up and on the way there are these big bells which everyone rings as they go past. they make such a clanging noise that the whole way up its clang clang clang. lots of fun to make big noises!
the view was pretty cool, you could see heaps of bangkok, but with the sun being the sun and therefore pretty hot, and the steps being lots we were so drenched with sweat when we got up the top.

after that, james successfully navigated (no there wasn't one point where we thought we were completely lost until we saw a street sign and realised we were exactly where we were meant to be) us to tha tien pier, where we caught the ferry and visited wat arun or the temple of dawn, which we coud visit the other day because of james' lack of pants. (he was wearing shorts). it was very cool, huge points made from mosaics made from broken china.

caught the ferry back and then a cab back here. had some lunch and now just sitting round. bangkok is amazing but sometimes i feel like i could just sit and eat and read all day. life's hard ain't it?

tomorrow we are planning on getting up early and going to the chatuchak weekend market. our guesthouse is having a party for new years so maybe we'll stay here for that or else go down to khao san.

lots of hugs and kisses.
i miss you all, almost as much as i miss vegemite.

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What is p***y? petty, puppy pully???????
Please tell me. Love Mum

by mcculloch

I know it is not pully as this has an e in it-your father told me pulley
Love Mum

by mcculloch

sounds great, madandjaap

I caught an infection in Pat Pong Road once ... food poisioning. isn't it a weird place - watching the old Australian and German guys, get out of the taxi from the airport, disappear into a club, only to emerge two weeks later to catch the taxi back to the airport

it's pussy, isn't it? they're all cat lovers ... but don't tell your mother, she wouldn't understand

put on weight yet? don't look

I'm going back to work on Wednesday, you're going to Sri Lanka; I know which of us has the better deal

take care

love you


by mcculloch

happy new year! we hope it is wonderful and that james proposes :P love jessica, gemma and hannah xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

by mcculloch

Hi Maddie and James,
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make sure you have an extra drink for me tonight (I'll be having one for you!). Can't wait for the triple Maddie-James/Steve-Jasmine/Andy-Sofie wedding. Do I still get to be matron of honour?
PS. Can you ask Moya to stop sexually harrasing me at work?

by iainf

Happy New to you both Any mention of ping pong balls James? Oh please no weddings I would have to buy a frock.

by bamoore

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