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hey guys. so we're back in galle at aaron's house, and i'd better catch you up on how mirissa was.

we took the 2pm train there on thursday last week, which was full of school kids who stared at us the whole way. we got off at weligama and grabbed a tuk tuk to ocean moon, our guesthouse. it consisted of a house set back from the beach, and then 9 cabanas set towards the beach. a cabana is just a freestanding room with a bathroom. and a table and chairs out the front. ours was about 20 metres from the beach.

the beach was so beautiful. so peaceful. not very long, but really nice sand and nice waves, big but not scary. we went for a swim and then had dinner at our guesthouse.

the next morning we got up early and went for a swim. we had such fun jumping the waves and diving under the big ones. the beach was great because it was really shallow, you had to walk out really far for it to get deep. then we went next door to mirissa beach wadiya restaurant and had a big breakfast of fruit, tea, eggs, and lots of toast. we sat and watched the waves break. heaven.

after that we had to take a tuk tuk into matara, the nearest big town. we went to the bank and discovered the annoyance of 2000 rupee bills, and visited the bookshop and the supermarket.

back to mirissa for more swimming and eating and general lying around reading. for dinner we walked down to a restaurant called seafresh. at about 6pm all the restaurants pull their tables and chairs down onto the sand and serve dinner there. its so cool. james loved the food at seafresh, because they literally catch the food that afternoon.

the next day was just filled with lots more swimming and reading and eating and then more swimming. we made friends with a guy who worked at the place next door, he is a surfer and is saving up to go to bali. he organised for his brother to take us out on his boat to go snorkelling. we could rent snorkels from the restaurant.

so on sunday morning we rocked up and were taken in a tuk tuk to a fishing harbour and jumped in this guys boat. needless to say, he didn't speak any english except hello. another guy got in too, and they took about 20 minutes to get the boat going. the water was amazing. so clear and beautiful and the scenery is just gorgeous. palm trees everywhere and everything is so green and lush. we passed a couple of fishing boats, including one with about 15 guys hanging off it. we stopped near some rocks and jumped out to snorkel. the fish are really cool and james had never gone snorkelling before so he loved it. the men pulled us back into the boat with some difficulty, we are such awkward white people. i got a big bruise under my arm from falling over in the boat.

then we went for more just cruising around and james was even allowed to steer! woo! we stopped at this tiny tiny little bay which had purple sand! it was really dark purple up the top and then lighter towards the water and then it mixed with all the yellow sand. james did more snorkelling, but my mask broke. the guys tried to fix it but made it super small so i wore it for a while and then had deep red outlines around my face. so cool.

after showing us some shells and crabs, the guys took us back to the harbour. we then went to the brothers house and had a fanta with the family. really nice people. after that we went home and i slept a lot. i'd caught a cold. my throat was hurting so bad and i had big bad headaches. james had dinner by himself at seafresh while i slept.

the next day i felt better, but not great, so while james swam i ate and read. i slept more and we had a late lunch next door. i felt ok at dinner so we went and had dinner at seafresh, where i forgot to mention but they have this huge bonfire on the beach every night. really cool.

the bad thing about mirissa was the flies and mosquitos. everywhere all the time so many of them! arrgh! and the sand. we tracked sand everywhere, in the bathroom, in the bed, all through our clothes and hair.

anyway, on tuesday we took a train from matara. the slow train. it was practically empty but it wasnt that slow between station. but it stopped for like 20 minutes at each station. we didnt mind, we weren't in a rush and it is so much fun to hang out the side of the train and wave at everyone going past.

so we arrived back at aaron's house about 2pm yesterday. he is really really busy because he is opening a showroom/shop for his businesses tomorrow, so there is lots to be done. priscilla (aaron's mum) came back from the showroom and we took her down to the beach for a drink and some snacks before dinner.

last night i was really tired so i went to bed straight after dinner.
i miss everyone lots. everyone should comment on this entry, i want to know who is reading!


Posted by madandjaap 18:52

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I read it every day and I check for new entries every day. Love you lots

by mcculloch

AB&A read it too. Love you miss you

by bamoore

So moggs was great but it sounds like you guys were doing much more exciting beachy sort of things than us! Jas and Steve were over before and we read the thesis you produced about the last week or so! It sounds great. Lots of love to you both, M xxxxoooo

by Moya

Hi Maddie
Our class has missed you alot!
We have got back to school today and it has been a pretty fun day!
I got back from the Philippines on Saturday, and i got you a present
from Dona-Mae and the rest of the class

by mcculloch

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